#4 ➸ Lettera alla host family

Aloha ❀

Ho visto che molti exchange hanno postato le loro lettere di presentazione alla host family, perciò mi sono detta "perché no?" ! 
[ Non so con le altre associazioni come funzioni, ma con la mia dobbiamo scrivere la lettera per allegarla al dossier, perciò è riferita alla host family in generale, non sappiamo ancora chi la leggerà o dove finiremo. ]

Ho cercato di scriverla evitando più possibile le contrazioni e il linguaggio colloquiale, boh mi sembra più carina scritta un po' formale haha 
Ecco a voi la mia lettera, abbiate pietà per gli errori, rileggendola mi sono anche accorta che ce ne sono un po', ma ormai è mandata e non posso più correggerla… amen!~

Dear host family,

My name is Alessia and I am a girl from Italy.
First of all, I'd want to thank you for opening your home to me and giving me the chance to live this experience.

I am shy when I first meet new people but after a few minutes I am usually friendly.
In my free time I like hanging out with my friends: we stay by the sea, on the cliff, or we go to the city center.
I go to the swimming pool with my best friend twice a week, it's my favorite sport.
I love music, I go to as many concerts as I can, I take singing lessons and I love listening to music whenever I can; I can't play any instrument because I have never had the time to learn but hopefully someday I will be able to do it.
I like reading – books, comics, short stories… – and sometimes I write. When I can I also watch movies or TV series.
At school I like studying languages – I study English, French and Spanish – , History, Literature and Philosophy.

In my family there are just three of us: my mother, my father and me.
We also have a small dog whose name is Wolf.
I have a good relationship with my parents even though I often argue with my mother because we are both stubborn.
On Sundays we usually have lunch or dinner with my mother's siblings and my grandma.
We don't spend much time together as a family because we are always busy, but during the holidays we like travelling together even if it's just for a few days.

I love travelling, meeting people of different cultures and learning more about them and their languages.
This exchange would give me the chance to get in touch with the American culture and I am really excited about that.
People are usually so used to seeing movies and TV series settled in the USA that they think they know everything about it and that their life in Europe is almost the same. I think they re wrong: I have been to New York and I think it is a completely different reality compared to Italy and the other European countries I have been to.
I chose the United States also because I would like to attend University abroad, I would like to become a lawyer.

Thank you again for your hospitality,

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